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                       Roe vs. Wade
                   And the Abortion Debate


In class you learned about the Supreme Court decision Roe vs. Wade and viewed a film about it.  Now you will use the Internet to develop an understanding of the current-day abortion debate and of women's own experiences and choices.

Your teacher will provide you with a partner with whom you will conduct research and develop a class presentation on your given topic.  Topics include (your teacher will assign):

--Abortion Law (Link 3)
--RU486 (Links 4 and 5)
--Abortion Clinic Violence (Link 6)
--Pro-Choice Movement (Link 7)
--Historical Perspective on Abortion (Link 8)
--Medical Perspective on Abortion (Link 8)
--Legal Perspective on Abortion (Link 8)
--Biblical Perspective on Abortion (Link 8)
--Pro-Life Movement (Link 9)

In addition to viewing your assigned link, every team should read links 1 and 2, as well as conduct additional online research of your topic.  Use www.yahoo.com and the research skills you have learned in class.

You will have three days in the computer lab to conduct online research. 

Using information you have found online, you and your partner must explain your topic to the class.  Make sure to answer the following questions in your presentation:

--What is my topic?
--What is the argument or debate surrounding my topic?
--What evidence and examples are provided as a foundation
  for this argument?

Your presentation should be approximately 10 minutes long, should include a visual aid, and (within that 10 minutes) should provide for a question/answer session involving the class. 

    ~TRY to save time to play the game listed below about
    legal terms related to abortion.~
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Abortion Legal Terms
Learn about terms related to Roe vs. Wade and the abortion debate
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