Mills E. Godwin High School Community Service Coordinator
                                                     Week of March 27
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Seniors: All of your service must be submitted by May 5 so that seals can be ordered.

              Community Service in high school is purely voluntary. It is not tied to graduation or the type of diploma you receive, but you may earn a CSL seal for your diploma. The Classes from 2023 - 2025 will only need 50 hours to receive the seal. The Class of 2026 will return to the requirement of 80 hours of services. Social Studies teachers now have a record of the hours in the resource folder in Schoology that is updated once a month. If there are questions, please see Mrs. Bryant - room 55.

<>Submissions may be made at: https://forms.gle/yg3oHMEZsesk93ic7 - Linked below. You must be on your Henrico County account to submit. If you wish to drop-off a paper copy do so in the folder outside of room 55 on the bulletin board.
The Community Service form for 2022-2023 is under "Useful Links" but I will also have paper copies available outside of room 55.  Also, you will find a new Parental Letter for all students to complete before beginning service. This letter is only filled out once - it covers all 4 years.
If you create your own log sheet be sure that you have the following:
Grade Level
Name and Contact information for the Supervisor
Service organization and the type of service rendered: ex. serving meals to the homeless

If you have a social studies teacher - they will have an updated spreadsheet of hours that have been logged.  If you don't have a social studies teacher - check with Mrs. Bryant in room 55 for updates. This list has been updated for late August - early September. Another list will be published at the end of this month.


STEPS: (not a requirement for graduation).
** A student will have contributed 50 hours Classes of 2023 - 2025, 80 hours is the requirement for the Class of 2026, to a qualifying group, agency or person that is above the requirement for any other school organization (Key Club, Keyettes,etc.) such as:
QUALIFYING: i.e. Not a comprehensive list but examples:
*Non-Profit organizations that provide service to the community
*CARITAS, Habitat for Humanity
*Science Museum, Public Libraries
*Programs that offer secular educational opportunities (tutoring, etc.)
*Hospital volunteer work is an exception to the non-profit rule.
    NON-QUALITIFYING: i.e. Examples would be (not a full list):
~Working at a for-profit doctor/dental office doing administrative duties/cleaning, etc.
~Volunteering at a pool to sell food or clean- up of any facilities
~Selling food as a fund-raiser at any school event/program/camp
~Painting religious buildings/classrooms
~Teaching religious classes
~Using the same points to fulfill a club or organizations requirements,
                 etc. See the link below for further details on this

**If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Bryant at acbryant@henrico.k12.va.us.
1 - Miracles in Motion - Seeking volunteers to help children. No dance experience required
2   ~ School on Wheels - check the link out below
3 - ~Translators without Borders - check the link out below
4- ~Library of Virginia’s Making History - see useful links.

Useful links
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