Mills E. Godwin High School Community Service Coordinator
Week of November 27 - Dec. 5
            Community Service for the 2021- 2022 School
Community Service in high school is purely voluntary. It is not tied to graduation or the type of diploma you receive, but you may earn a CSL seal for your diploma. Due to the health crisis we have experienced all classes from 2022 - 2025 will only need 50 hours to receive the seal. Social Studies teachers have a record of the hours in the resource folder in Schoology. This is updated once a month. The steps for completing service are listed below. If you have any questions - please let Mrs. Bryant know. 
<>Submissions may be made at: https://forms.gle/yg3oHMEZsesk93ic7. You must be on your Henrico county account to submit. If you wish to drop-off a paper copy do so in the folder outside of room 55 on the bulletin board.
Teachers' RESOURCE FOLDERS will have spreadsheets that I shall update once a month with hours accumulated..
<>~Transferring into Godwin and you have service from your another school: Send me a copy of your work through the google form listed below.                                        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
STEPS: (not a requirement for graduation).
** A student will have contributed 80 hours or more (the Class of 2022 needs 50 hours) to a qualifying group, agency or person that is above the requirement for any other school organization (Key Club, Keyettes, etc.) such as:
QUALIFYING: i.e. Non-Profit organizations that provide service to the community, CARITAS, Habitat for Humanity, Science Museum, Public Libraries. Programs that offer secular educational opportunities (tutoring, etc.) Hospital volunteer work is an exception to the non-profit rule.
    ~~~ NON-QUALITIFYING: i.e.Working at a for-profit doctor/dental office doing administrative duties/cleaning, etc.; volunteering at a pool to sell food or clean-up; clean tennis courts; selling food as a fund-raiser at any school event/program/camp; painting religious buildings/classrooms; teaching religious classes; or using the same points to fulfill a club or organizations requirements, etc. See the link below for further details on this

<>Seniors need to turn their service in by April 29, 2022 - Friday.
<>Underclassmen turn their service in by May 16, 2022 - Monday
**If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Bryant at acbryant@henrico.k12.va.us.
Tutoring for Immigrants and Refugee Program - Homework: There are now over 90 students signed up for tutoring help. TUTORS ARE NEEDED. Currently tutoring is being done at Tuckahoe Elementary school - across the street from Third Church (as well as at the church). If information is posted outside of room 55.
Now serving many nationalities including Egyptian, Korean, Syrian and Honduran - a mini United Nations each Wednesday evening (from 6:30to 8:00 PM {arrival and closure time}).
If interested contact Emily Sherman at tutoring@thirdrva.org.

~~United Way of Richmond: Has a host of volunteer activities check-out out the link below in "Useful Links.

Ongoing Opportunities:
1 - ~School on Wheels - check the link out below
2 - ~Translators without Borders - check the link out below
3 - ~Library of Virginia’s Making History - see useful links.

Useful links
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