acceleratedenglish Mrs. Reddoch
West Jones Middle School Accelerated English Instructor

     Welcome to West Jones Middle School!  I have really enjoyed getting to know each of you so far.  I will post assignments and information that you need each week on this website.  Let me know if it helps you with your work.  Please e-mail me if you have any questions and I will help you. 

     We will have Unit 2 Spelling test on Friday, August, 25th.  Here are the words for Unit 1:

1.  penguin
2.  language
3.  parachute
4.  Michigan
5.  examination
6.  executive
7.  exhibit
8.  exhausted
9.  whirlpool
10. meanwhile
11.  distinguished
12.  guacamole
13.  extinguish
14.  brochure
15.  chauffeur
16.  chandelier
17.  exempt
18.  exotic
19.  exertion
20.  overwhelming

BONUS: exasperate
REMEMBER:  The bonus word is worth 5 points.  You can make a possible 105 on the test.

Have a good week! 

Mrs. Reddoch
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