accenglish Mrs. Shoemake
West Jones Middle School English and Acc. English Instructor
Monday, March 20:   No Homework

Tuesday, March 21:  No Homework

Wednesday, March 22:  Lesson 28 5x's each

Thursday, March 23: Pre-registration for the 8th grade

Friday, March 24:  Pre-registration continued--If time     permits we will take our lesson 28 spelling test

Lesson 28 Words:

vision         auditorium       dictator
supervision    audio-visual     spectacle
revise         audit            inspector
prediction     visible          spectacular
contradict     provision        audible
suspect        dictation        audition
spectator      verdict

  Don't Forget:  Memory Book Check on March 17
                   Due Date:  March 24
                   Independent Book Study (50 point project)
                   due on March 27 and 28
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