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This week you will work to understand what an acid or base is and how they are different.  Furthermore, you will examine how the pH scale is used to identify and show the relationship of different acids and bases to each other.

MONDAY: Look at the Chemical Glossary. Define the
following terms:
    1.  Mixture
    2.  Compound
    3.  Element
    4.  pH
    5.  pH scale
    6.  Base
    7.  Acid

   Complete Compounds and Molecules Worksheet.

    Homework:Acids and Bases Worksheets

TUESDAY: Examine the pH Factor.  Follow the directions below;

   1.  Click on Excite. Look at the tongue.
       a.  Where can you taste sour (lemon)?
       b.  Where can you taste bitter (baking soda)?

   2.  Click on Explore. You will see a pH panel. Click
       on the following and answer the questions.
       a.  What is the pH of the following items:
            1.  Lemon Juice.....
            2.  Asprin.........
            3.  Milk of Magnesia......
            4.  Borax..........
            5.  Tonic Water......
       b.  Are the following acid or base:
            1.  Baking Soda.....
            2.  Ammonia.........
            3.  Lava Soap......
            4.  Lemon Soap.....
            5.  Liquid Plumber......
       c. Is water an acid or base?....

   3.  Click on Explain. (Water and pH)
       a.  What makes up a water molecule?
       b.  What is an acid?
       c.  What is a base?

   4.  Click on Ions and pH.  Define:
       a.  Atoms
       b.  Ions
       c.  Acids
       d.  Bases
              Click Back

   5.  Click on pH graph.
       a.  What do acids give up?
       b.  What do bases give up?
       c.  What are neutral substances?
               Click on Exploring Water and pH

   6.  Click on ph Table
       a.  List 6 bases and their values
       b.  List 6 acids and their values
       c.  What substance is neutral?

  PROJECT: Build a pH Scale
      Using Apple Draw you are to build a pH scale to  show the relationships of the above 13 substances.  You might want to look at the THE PH SCALE to see how it is done.  Complete, spell check and print out.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: Complete the Secret Message and Magic Liquids Lab Directions will be given on this day.

  1.  Complete the laboratory experience.

  2.  Complete the Jumbled Word Game by writing down the question number and the correct jumbled word for the 20 terms.

  3.  Spend the remaining part of the period completing any assignments you have not completed.

FRIDAY: Quiz  You will have a quiz over the past two weeks work.  Your assignment tag will be due on this day.

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