aclark8thscience Mrs. Clark
Timberwood Middle School 8th grade Earth Science
Hello again,
Thanks for coming to my web site.  To update you on what has been happening and what is to come:
Your child has received a 3 week progress report from me and had a chance to turn it in for a free 100 points!! I hope he/she did!!:) We have a test over ch. 9 on Thursday 10-18.  How is your child's crystal growing?  If you don't know what I am talking about, you may want to get in contact with me (or ask your child about it!!).  A. Clark

Some important information that you may be interested in knowing:

My room # is 810, I can be reached at the school at 281-641-3800.  My conference time is 5th period (1-1:50 pm).

My tutoring time is: "Wednesday" at 8 am and from 4-5 pm.

Your child will receive a progress report every 3 weeks and a report card every 6 weeks! Please be looking for these!:)

Your child should be keeping a notebook in science of all of his/her assignments.

Please help your child keep up with their notebook because it is a grade at the end of every 6 weeks and it is a helpful study guide for them.

Thanks again for logging on to the TMS website.

Mrs. Angie Clark, 8th grade Science
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