actioncenter ACTION Center
Tyee High School Drop-out Prevention Counselors
The ACTION Center Drop-out Prevention Program is a program designed to aid students in their academic studies and social behaviors. Located in room 205, the ACTION Center provides a learning, tutoring, and mentoring environment where referred students will receive guidance and support in achieving their goals.

Students can self-refer or be referred by a staff member using the official AC referral form. When referring a student to the ACTION Center, it is necessary that advance notice (a minimum of two days) be given. This allows a Drop-out Prevention Specialist adequate time to prepare transcripts, interview administrators, teachers, and other staff members, and gather all pertinent information to best serve the student.

There are many staff members at Tyee who are available, ready, and willing to help students in their time of need. If a Drop-out Prevention Specialist can't meet the immediate need(s) of a student, he/she will refer the student to another effective resource at Tyee.

The Drop-out Prevention Team is excited to have the opportunity to positively influence the lives of Tyee students and staff. Please don't hesitate to call us in the ACTION Center at 206-433-2341 x1205 for assistance. Thank you for your continued support.
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