activity123 Professor Barrera
Strayer University CIS 107 Instructor
Activity 3


This activity will enable you to conquer the skills of creating a simple News Letter and an HTML document.

Part I
Create the layout of your newsletter

1. Open Microsoft Word97 type the hand out provided.
2. Format, Columns, Two, and Check the Line Between.
3. Simultaneously hit- Control/End
4. Insert, Break, Continuous, Click Okay

Part II
Create a Masthead

5. Simultaneously hit- Control/Home
6. Insert, Break, Continuous
7. Back Space
8. Hit Enter Twice
8a. Make sure you are at the top of your document.  Go to format,column, (choos) one column
9. Insert a table- choose one row and two columns
10. Find a part of your document that you want to shade.
11. Format, Borders, Shading,- Choose your own style.

Part III
Insert a picture by multi-tasks

12. Go to the Internet and save an image
13. Import your image onto your newsletter

Part IV
Final Touches

14. Drop Cap- Go up to the letter "H" in HTML position your curser on the left of the letter
Format, Drop Cap

15. Save As- NewsLetter
16. Print

Part V
Creating an HTML Document

18. Select text
19. Change Font to "Blue"
20. Insert, Horizontal Line, Insert a few horizontal lines
21. Save your document as Conversion.html
22. Go to View, HTML Source
23. Change Creating a Newsletter to "Changing a Newsletter
24. Open the Internet and open your document
25. Go Back to Microsoft Word97
26. Highlight The word "Changing" (top left)
27. Insert,Hyperlink, type in the "link for file box" Click Okay
28. Go back to the Internet (Internet Explorer) Click on "Refresh"  You should see the changes you made.
29. Go back to Microsoft Word and Save
30. Go back to the Internet (Internet Explorer) Print your html document.

When done call your instructor for your evaluation.
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