Adult High School

First you must view PowerPoint slide show titled "history 1"

View the presentation. Then Answer these questions:  
copy them into a Word document, type your answers, save as "activity1", print and turn in for a grade.

1. Huge structures in Egypt used at tombs for the   Pharaohs were also used as __________________.
2. The name of one of the most famous tombs in Egypt, _________________________.
3. The first counting tool used by humans, ______________.
4. We know Egyptians used the sun and moon to build  accurate calendars because ____________________________.
5. Why was it so important for early humans to keep track of time? ________________________________.
6.Ancient humans noticed that these followed regular  patterns and these patterns were repeated at regular intervals ________________________________.
7. Pyramids were used as tombs and calendars, but they  were also used by the Egyptians to ______________________.
8. This huge ancient structure was so advanced  that it cannot be duplicated today even with modern technology ___________________.
9. Another method Egyptians used to keep track of time on a daily basis ________________________.
10. Obelisks were only accurate twice a day.  The round  shaped sun clocks which were slightly more accurate were called _____________________.
11. What was used to tell time indoors when the sun and the moon were not available _______________________.
12. Where was one of the most elaborate water tower clocks built in 1088 A.D.? ___________________________.
13. No one really  knows why  this stone circle was built.  It is one of many circles in the UK, but it is the most famous ____________________________.
14. Scientists who study astronomy think Stonehenge was designed to help us learn more about he solar system.  They thought it was  an  ________________________.
15. Scientists who study  math think Stonehenge was built as a highly accurate predictor of seasonal events.  They think it was built to be a _________________.
16. Why do we know less about Stonehenge that we do about the Pyramids? _____________________.
17.The earliest non-mechanical calculator was developed  in China.  It is still an accurate tool today. _____________________.
18. The Incans developed this easy method for keeping records and information in 3000 B.C. ___________________.
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