adultliteracy Ms. Allen
Augusta Technical College, Adult Literacy Dept. Level Three GED Prep Instructor
Hello Everyone,
    I am so excited to have you in my class this quarter. My morning class will meet Monday through Friday from 9 am until 3pm.  You will be given a break at 10 am and will have lunch from 1 to 2 pm. A copy of the daily schedule will be given to you on the first day of class.  This schedule is to be kept in your student folder. Though we have a schedule there will be times when we will not stick strictly to the schedule.  If during the course of a lesson I find you need more time on a particular subject, we will spend the additional time working on the subject.  This would then cause all other activities on our daily schedule to be altered to accomodate for this change.
   We will do reading, writing, grammar, and math each day.  You will need to purchase a college dictonary, a spiral bound notebook for your journal writing, loose leaf paper, pencils and a blue or black ink pen.  Please bring these items to class each day.
   Each week you will be given ten(10) words to define and use in a sentence that you create.  You will be given a week to learn the definition and the spelling of each word. On Tuesday of the following week you will be given a spelling and vocabulary test on these words.  
   You will also write, write, write, write, and write while you are in my class.  You will begin writing by keeping a journal.  You will write in your journal for at least 45 minutes each day.  You will be taught to write a paragraph, create an outline,identify main ideas and supporting details of a passage.  You will also review the parts of speech, rules of capitalization and the rules of punctuation.
     You be given a topic, developed by your instructor, to write on every day.  The first two weeks of the quarter, your writing will be two paragraphs in length.  The second three weeks your writing will be three paragraphs long.  The third five weeks your essay will be four paragraphs long and the final two weeks the length of your paper will be at least five paragraphs in duration.  
    In math, the first two weeks of this quarter will be spent reviewing addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of fractions.  The remainder of the quarter will be spent introducing decimals, percent, ratios, proportion, measurement(geometry), reading charts and graphs and doing simple algebra problems.
   All students will be given an email address during the quarter.  This email box will be used by me to place your daily homework assignments, reports, take home quizzes, and research topics.  So please be thinking of two names you can use to access your cyber information.  One of these names will be your log in name and the other will be your password.  These names must be six characters in length. It is best that your log in name be composed of letters and numbers. You will be given time at the beginning of the day from to go to the ITC building(library)to check your box and print out the material you will need to complete for Class that day.   
    As you can see, this quarter is going to be packed full of new information.  So your attendance in my class is going to be extremely important.  If you are absent from class you must bring a written excuse to explain your absence. Please call my office and let me know you are not going to be able to make it to class. You will be allowed five excused absences.  After the fifth absence, a conference will be arranged to discuss your attendance and a decision will be made about your remaining in class for the quarter. If you are dropped, you may return to class at the beginning of the next quarter. 
     You are responsible for completing all assignments, whether you were present or absent.  If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to get with a fellow classmate(s) and find out what the assignment was that you missed. I was not here, will not be a legitmate excuse.
     I am glad you made the decision to return to school to complete your high school education.  If you commit to doing your best, I promise you will be ready to take the GED test and pass it by the end of this quarter.  We are a team and as such we must work together.  And we must give each other the very best that we have within with that said...LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN.
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