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Welcome to the Advanced A-9 Class!

 To help you find and practice various English idioms naturally, I have collected some websites for you to check out. Some of these are resources, others are for self-study and testing, others are places were you will see idioms used by native speakers of English. Be sure to ask me for any other resources on- or off-line.

 We will be moving into making Group Speaking Journals. The directions and responses for the Group Speaking Journals will be given out in class. Remember that you will need a new 60-minute tape for this activity.

 This page will be updated/changed from time to time. So check back often for new bulletins and information.

New Activities
If you think you've mastered the sports idioms or need more practice with them, go to the sports review games.

NEW! Try the new Rags-to-Riches activity to test your sports idiom knowledge. You could be the latest champ!

Have you ever wondered about the American Thanksgiving? I've included some links if you want to learn more or have fun with some activities.

None at this time.

News & Updates
Transcription Analysis Questions
1. Pause Fillers (um, uh, ah, mm)
a) Did you use pause fillers?
b) What does this indicate about your recording?
c) Did Mary use pause fillers?
d) What does this indicate about her entry?
2. Find instances of linking or connected speech
a) List these instances
b) What environment is necessary for linking or connected speech to happen?
My Quia activities and quizzes
Travel Idioms Matching Game
Get more practice with the idioms you used in your role plays.
What idioms did you say?
Idioms in dialog form. See if you can decide which idiom fits the dialog.
Sports Matching Game
Here are a bunch of game activities to help you practice your sports idioms. Knock yourself out!!
What sports idiom did you say?
Do you think you've mastered sports idioms? Well, here's your chance to test yourself.
Useful links
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