advcomp Ms. Bugdal
Ammons Middle School Advanced Computers

Wednesday, June 6 - Performance Final Exam
Tuesday, June 12 - Objective Final Exam

Performance Exam:  Web Page Resume
Objective Exam:  vocabulary, Visual Basic and HTML code troubleshooting

Frames Activity:
You are helping Disney World create a new land to add to Adventure land, Tomorrow land, Mickey's Birthday Land, Adventure land, etc.  Create a Framed page that displays:
1.  Your new land in the main window
2.  Links to the three rides that will be in the land in your side window

You may choose a layout in columns or rows.  You must also create your own land, meaning you cannot create something copyrighted like DragonBall Z land.  Do not spend a lot of time on your ride pages, the objective is to work with frames while creating a SIMPLE, yet NEAT and CLEAN web page.

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