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Here are some examples of the different classes of adverbs.

Adverbs of Manner-answers the question, how?

ex. He ran...rapidly, slowly, quickly.
   She spoke...softly, loudly, aggressively.
   James coughed loudly to attract her attention.
   She moved beautifully, like a gazelle.

Adverbs of Place-answers the question, where?

ex. John looked...away, up, down, around.
   I'm going...home, out, back, there, nowhere, anywhere.
   Here it is.
   His mother came out of the house, and the boy ran towards her.

Adverbs of Time-answers the question when?

ex. I'm busy today.
    Afterwards he apologized to her.
    Finally she accepted his apology.
    He fell again.

Adverbs of Frequency-answers the question, how often?

ex. I sometimes go to England in the Summer.
    They are always at home.
    She has never learned French.
    Sometimes we stay ay home and watch T.V.

Adverbs of Degree-Tells us about the intensity, or degree of an action.

ex. She doesn't quite know what she'll do after college.
    They are completely exhausted from the trip.
    I'm too tired to go out tonight.
    He had hardly arrived before they started arguing.
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