advescience Mrs. Smith
Maconaquah Middle School Advanced Earth Science

Currently this class is in the middle of the MINERALS UNIT.

This unit has Four Parts:

Part I -  Mineral ID Test Research
          Groups formed for team research
          Group Presentations/Demonstrations
          Peer/Teacher evaluation of presentations (25 pts)

Part II -  Mineral Labs - Skills application
          Groups practice tests on sample minerals
          (50 pts)

Part III - Identification of Unknown Minerals
           Students receive bag with four minerals
           Tests used to gather data for mineral ID
           (100 pts - 25 per mineral)

Part IV  -  Mineral Project
           Presentation created using student choice:
              HyperStudio, Presentations, Power Point, etc.
           Individual Project
           Teacher will hand out guidelines/timeline
           (100 pts)
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