aes21 Mr. Davis
Spaugh Middle School of Math Science and Technology Technology Teacher
1. Please use these pages to help you with Technology terms.
2. Parents can find information about projects for
Career Day was a huge success at Spaugh this year. Law enforcement was the career group highlighted this year.
The winter holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving break starts Tuesday November 20th.
6th Grade students have two more class sessions with Mr. Davis and then they finish up the semester with Ms. Mobley.
The Co2 car design and races were very exciting.
7th grade studnets will continue on modular exercises until Christmas. After Christmas break they will review for the state Vocats test.
8th grade students are beginning to branch out on their own with individual projects such as tower building, coasters, multimedia and broadcasting.
Mr. Davis has really enjoyed having each child in class this semester.
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