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Valley View Middle School 8th Grade English
Anne Frank Web Quest Scavenger Hunt Activity

TASK #1: Anne Frank’s Life and Times

Go to  and answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1.When was Anne Frank born?
2. In the summer of------------ Otto Frank left Frankfurt for Amsterdam.
3. In May, 1940, Germany invaded the Netherlands.  How did this affect the Franks?
4. May 1942, all Jews aged six and older were required to wear a _______________________.
5. What was the address of the Frank's hiding place?
6. What day in 1942 did the Frank's go into hiding?
7. How many people hid in the Annex? List all their names.
8. How long did the Franks stay in hiding? Give dates and years.
9. After being discovered, and 3 months in the Westerbork transit camp, what death camp were they sent to? 
10. How old was Anne when she died?

TASK #2: The Diary

Now that we know about Anne, let's look at her Diary -  go to  to answer the following questions:

1. What did Anne call her Diary?
2. About how long did Anne have her Diary before she went into hiding?
3. How did Anne continue to write after she filled up her Diary?
4. What happened to Anne's papers when she was arrested?

TASK #3:  Publication
Now go to and click on the Topic Names to find the answers to the following questions:

1.  If Anne died in the concentration camp, who typed the manuscript to be published?
2.  How many copies of the diary have been sold?

TASK #4:  Authentication
Now go to and click on the Topic Names to find the answers to the following questions:

1. Two tests were performed to prove that the Diary was written by Anne. What 2 tests were made?  Explain the results.

Task #5:  Web Quiz

Now go to the bottom of the web page and take the Anne Frank Online Quiz.  Make sure you log into the correct test session for your class period.  You may use your paper to take the quiz.  Good Luck!
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