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Period: 6
September 20, 2000


Once in a small village there was a priest who everyone respected and knew.  One day the priest met a girl and fell in love with her and soon after they married.  Everyone in town was angry with the girl because priests were never supposed to marry.  Time passed and the priest had to go somewhere far away and he told his wife that he was going to return soon.  The priest told his wife that she did not need to worry for him.  When the priest was away the people in the village made life impossible for the priest's wife they insulted her and did a lot of bad things to her.  The priest's wife could not stand it so she never left her house she always stayed in her house and for a long time.  The neighbors were curios of what happened to her so one day one of them went in the house and found the priest's wife dead.  They buried her, Later when the priest arrived he found out what had happened to his wife he went crazy and was obsessed. One day he took one of the bones of his wife's body and kept it with him and made a flute out of it and played for hours.  Time passed and the music stopped and the priest was never seen again.


In the first poem I am going to write about my childhood memories with my brother and sister the thing that inspired me to write about this is that those memories were the happiest memories I had in my life.In the second poem I am going to write about my memories when my grandfather died.  The thing that inspired me to write about this is that this day was a very sad and emotional moment in my family's life. The third poem I am going to write about is about when I got my two pet cats in my country and how it was like to watch them grow very fast.

Poem # 1

Rain is falling from the sky
It's a very warm day
I hear my brother and sister playing outside
I hear them calling
I join them outside
And we all play in the mud
We are laughing
And playing in the rain

Poem # 2

In a long dark day
In a very terrible way
Was the day that my grandfather past away
It was in the month of April
That day when the wind blew hard
And leaves blew everywhere
It was the moment
That my grandfather gave his final breath.
In a very long dark day

Poem # 3


In a special morning
I herd special news
Two little kittens were born
One was bigger
The other was smaller
They always played with each other
Both of them grew very fast
And the memories from the past
Were an outcast in my cats' life
They grew big and strong
And I was not wrong
They werent small anymore
CHARACTER ANALYSIS                                                                  
The character chosen is Conradin from the story Sredni Vashtar by Saki.  Conradin is a strange boy that has became cruel because of the things that Mrs. De Ropp did to him and this is what makes Conradin change from a person who has hate for someone to a sinister, cruel, cold person.

Conradin was a ten-year-old boy who was sick because of some disease that he had and he was not going to live another five more years.  His guardian Mrs. De Ropp did not liked Conradin very much.  She deprived Conradin of many things that he wanted to do and she found fault in everything Conradin did.  All of these things made Conradin develop hate for Mrs. De Ropp that kept growing and growing " Quote 127-128 Conradin hated her with a desperate sincerity".

Eventually Conradin found a way to ignore the pain by believing in something divine which he believed to be Sredni Vashtar his ferret.  He thought that the ferret was a god.  He thought that Sredni Vashtar could grant him his wishes.  When Mrs. De Ropp was going to find Sredni Vashtar.  He began to wish that Sredni Vashtar to do something to Mrs. De Ropp as a punishment.  He wished Mrs. De Ropp death.  He waited for something to happen.  When he saw Sredni Vashtar enter the doorway with the black wet stains in its teeth and throat.  He was sure that something happened to Mrs. De Ropp.  He became a cold cruel person he didn't care what happened to Mrs. De Ropp, but he was sure that something bad had happened to her and he was happy about that.  "Quote 131 Conradin stood and waited and watched.  Hope had crept by inches into his heart, and now a look of triumph began to blaze in his eyes that had only known the wistful patience of defeat.  Under his breath, with a furtive exultation, he began once again the paean of victory and devastation.  And presently his eyes were rewarded: out through that doorway came a long, low, yellow and brown beast, with eyes a-blink at the waning daylight, and dark wet stains around the fur of jaws and throat."  Conradin finally got what he wanted get rid of Mrs. De Ropp.  His god had granted his wish.

My Opinion about Conradin is that he became cruel and cold because of Mrs. De Ropp.  My opinion is that he was somehow mentally ill because of the way he acted when wishing Mrs. De Ropp death.  I dislike him because he became a completely different person because of it.  He was a very sinister hateful person.

Flora escaped, and my father was very tired and angry because,they had chased Flora all afternoon and could not find her.  She had disappeared without trace.  Later at dinner we were all eating, and Laird started to talk about how he was looking for the horse.  Then he said, "It's all her fault. Flora escaped. She opened the gate wide open so she could escape."  
Everyone was staring at me and my father said, "Is that true."
I was scared so I told him, "No father I just could not close the gate."
In the morning I felt really bad and guilty because I had never lied before to my father.  I went to my mother and told the truth.  She said "It is all right you do not have to worry because your father already knew what happen and he is not angry with you.
I went to my father and apologized for what I did.  He just smiled, did not say anything, and went to work like nothing happened.  I had not worked with my father.  My brother did all the work. I just helped my mother and worried about school and understood that life was never going to be the same way it was before.
Ellen? He said to get my attention.
I always thought to myself when I sit with him.
Yes? I said.
I understand from your teacher that you have been writing your name in your papers differently.
I wondered when someone would notice it. I said to myself.
"Well Ellen" he says.  He sounds a little confused.  "We could understand if you were misspelling your name, but you have been writing Foster as your last name the entire term.  Did you realize that?
"Of course I know that is my last name" I tell him

What I learn from this passage is that Ellen thinks that when she moved to the foster home she thought she was part of a family.  She thought by being part of the family she had a new last name which was Foster

She wanted me to be like him so hard that she reminded me all the time how my dad and I looked and acted alike.  I never told her how Mavis said I looked just like my mother.  Sometimes she talked so loud to me about me being like my father, that I thought her wishing it so hard had made it true I thought.  I said to myself that if I was different. I wouldn't know what to do to myself.  Sometimes I wonder if I am myself or I have tricked myself into believing who I think I am.  Many people think and want you to be like someone else, they will confuse if you are not very careful.
In a rainy, dark, windy day long time before spring
There were leaves blowing everywhere
And cars where passing like the time
Many, many were rolling by without stopping one second
There was people walking rushing to their homes
The thunder was roaring like a fiery beast
As time passed by the people began to disappear
Only few of them to be seen were in the street
The streetlights were dim
My family and me were going home
And there was a man riding a bicycle
He was riding in the side of the road
Suddenly a car came by
And speeding more and more
It did something shocking
The man in the bicycle did not realize
That he might not see another sunrise
He went flying in the air
With pain and despair
And laid in the ground motionless
And hopeless
The sounds of sirens were heard at the distance
With no one there at that instance.
------------------------------------------------------------A SEPARATE PEACE
In the book A Separate Peace by John Knowls, the two main characters were two teenagers Finny, and Gene they were best friends.  The two of them were always having good times until Gene starts acting paranoid, and jealous of Finny.  Gene thinks that Finny is competing with him, and for he to do so he wants to ruin Gene, the incident that made him think this way was that Finny took Gene to an to the beach against his will, and Gene did not have enough time to study for his big trig test so Gene failed it and blamed this on Finny.  When the two of them go to the Devon River to jump of the Funeral tree Gene jounces the tree limb this causes Finny to lose his balance and he falls off the tree breaking his at the impact.
Gene starts this war with himself when doctor Stampole informs him about Finny's conditions he tells Gene that Finny can't play sports anymore because of his injuries.  Gene feels guilty for what happened to Finny, Gene has an inner turmoil inside him because he knows that physical challenge was Finny favorite thing and without it Finny would be heartbroken.  Gene feels remorse, and he is afraid that Finny is going to accuse him in public for making him fall off the tree Gene is also afraid that his reputation is going to be ruined because of this.
This doesn't happen because gene does get the chance to see Finny because Finny is sent home to recuperate from his injuries.  Gene feels very low seeing all of Finny's things in his room and his guilt makes him think that he is the one injured and the one that cant play sports this mentality makes him take part in crew managing. In there he acts maimed and in his mind he is unable to participate in any king of physical challenge.
In crew managing he works with a guy named Quakembush, he makes Gene's life impassible and taunts him.  He told Gene that he was maimed, and this made Gene to become emotionally unstable, all of the feelings he had inside him came out.  Gene started a fight with Quakembush and he was kicked off crew managing.  Gene left there dirty and wet which symbolically can mean how he is covered in guilt and all kinds of mixed feelings.
Gene is at the peak of his guilt and needs something to relieve it and that is when he receives a phone call from finny telling him that he has to play sports for him since he cant any longer

Simon Bolivar is known as El Libertador (the liberator).  He was a revolutionary in South America who believed in freedom for all people, but in Spain, the country that controlled South America, he was a renegade, a menace to their empire.  In his campaign against Spain, Simon Bolivar achieved many social reforms, influenced revolutionary ideas, and most important of all he led the fight for independence for most parts of South America, this changed the way of life for many people, and influenced a change of culture in South America.
When Simon Bolivar was growing up one of the things he despised the most was how life was under the Spanish “Simon Bolivar was born in a country where the rich were very rich and the poor nearly without hope (Gleiter 4)”.  Simon Bolivar also disliked how the Spanish treated the natives, and African slaves, he thought Slavery was wrong he wanted all people to be free and rule themselves (De Varona 5-6).  Once Simon Bolivar started defeating the Spanish in his campaign for freedom, he gave the common people more rights, he ordered all slaves to be freed, and he started to form democratic governments (Adler).
Also when he was leading the fight for independence Simon Bolivar spread many of the ideas he had.  His ideas were revolutionaries his were influenced by the great philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau (Gleiter 6).  His ideas were liberty, justice, and equality for people; he expressed this in his famous Jamaica letter.  He wrote that he hoped that South America to become the greatest nation in the world, because of its freedom and glory (Adler).  Simon Bolivar also believed that people had the right to rule themselves (Adler).  He believed that kings, and queens had no right to rule in ruling people, enslaving them for their own good.  These ideas became widespread, and later influenced many revolutionaries to come (De Varona 9-11).
Simon Bolivar greatest legacy though is independence for most parts of South America; he helped create new democratic countries (Panorama Pittsburgh’s International paper).  He helped restructured the chaotic, corrupt government which Spain left.  Once all of Spain’s control of South America was lost he abolished monarchy and the idea of one person having absolute power over others.
Simon Bolivar was a great revolutionary his ideas and actions helped restructured the chaotic way of life that he saw.  In his campaign for independence Simon Bolivar changed many aspects of Latin South American culture, and life by doing social reforms in the Social structures of South America.  He influenced revolutionary ideas that inspired many revolutionaries later, but his lasting legacy, and accomplishment was independence, freedom for all of Latin South America.

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