alberico Señora Alberico
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Hola! This is YOUR practice page for Spanish! You can practice your conversation vocabulary using the Conversacion games and flashcards. As you progress through the year, you'll be able to do more and more of the games. The more you visit this page and play these games, the better you will learn Spanish. There will be new games added every couple of weeks, so check in at least once a week! Diviertete! (Have fun!)
My Quia activities and quizzes
la comida
food vocabulary
clothing vocabulary
la comida
la comida
can I buy a vowel?
numbers 1-20
Conversation expressions
La Familia-Vocabulario
family members review
Spanish-English pracitice
La Familia- sentences
grammar practice
check your spelling
El Cuerpo- Body
Body Parts
La Conversacion
games to practice
Numbers 21-100
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