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Welcome to Alena's Homepage! Hope you enjoy it!

Please if you come to my site, send me an e-mail on how you liked it and what I should change about it. If you do i will give you a piece of candy.

If you would like to thank, congratulate, or embarrass someone e-mail me and i will post it on the site so that everyone will see it!!!

                           Things to Remember
*  If you have a favorite web site or a cool one e-mail me and I will post it so that you can link to it from here.

*  School starts August 9 and Open House is the 6th.

* There are 2 new 7th grade teachers


* Mission Impossible 2- PG-13
* Shanghai Noon- PG-13
* Frequency- PG-13
* U-571- PG-13
* Center Stage- PG-13
* Screwed- PG-13
* Viva Rock Vegas- PG
* Where the Heart Is- PG-13
* Battlefeild Earth- PG-13
* Small Time Crooks- PG
* Dinosaur- PG
* Gladiator- R
* Road Trip- R
* Love and Basketball- PG-13

Thanks for visiting my site come back soon and have a good summer!!!!!!!!!!
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