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Hello!!!!!!!  If you are a friend of mine I'd like to say hi!!!! If not hi anyway.  You've probably come to this site to learn about me.  Well, I would put my name on but I can't 'cuz it's not safe.  But anyway, I am a gymnast and soccer player.  Recently, I went to a soccer tournament and I went to my state competition meet.  On my soccer tournament, my team won third place. I scored the winning goal to get my team into the semi-finals, not trying to brag though.  We lost on the semi-finals. The score was four to three.  Oh well!!! We were a first year team anyway, and did exceptionally well for our age.  In my gym meet I did excellent.  It was the best I have ever done in this level.  I got first on Vault!!!!! I got fourth on Bars!!!!! I got second on Beam!!!!! I got first on Floor!!!!!!! And here's the killer, I got first All Around!!!!!!!!! I was so happy.  Anyway let's talk about some other hobbies.  I really like to surf.  It's so fun.  I also like to ride my bike.  I think I'd like skiing and snowboarding, if I lived in a place where it snowed.  One thing I have to say about my friends: you probably don't want to meet them 'cuz their really wacked.  They're nice, too, but really wacked. But, that is enough on that subject.  I also started an organazation (with some friends) called Hope For Kids' Future or HFKF.  I have their website below. Anyhow, I love music. Anykind, any style.  Love music.  If I don't listen to music sometime during the morning, I'll have an awful day at school. I love any music station, any music channel, any music store.  I guess you can say I am obsessed with music.   If you have to, explain it to your neighbor.  I am sure you have other things to be doing so go along.
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