algclass Bridges Algebra

Today you will develop your own jeopardy review game and enter it into the quia web site.

I will assign you into groups of 4 and as a group you will log into the previous quiz web sites and devise 5 review questions that pertain to the content covered in that quiz.
These questions should be original but reflect the content covered in that particular quiz. You will need to cover the content and devise sample problems from each of the 6 quiz sites.

      Quiz log in sites:


You will then need to work out solutions to your problems as a group.

After you have designed your reveiw questions and answers you will need to log into then go to log in line. Log in name is "Bridges Algebra". Log in password is "Bridges".

Select create challenge board.
Follow directions on challenge board.

Group One: Nikki

Group Two: Melanie

Group Three: Neal
Group Four: Randy

Label each category as "quiz 1", "quiz 2", etc.
Check to make sure you have the correct answers for each question you input.
Enter all you settings and title your game with each of the names of the members in your group.
Copy down the internet address the computer will generate for your game.

Log into
Enter you game internet address under favorite links.
Then hit save changes.

On Thursday, you will play your other classmates internet games.

I will have an evaluatiion sheet. You will evaluate the other groups games on a scale of one to ten with ten being the highest score. I will then look at each of your programs and rate your games on a scale of one to ten.

The games will be assessed accordingly to the following objectives:

1) Did you use 5 questions similiar to each of the 6 quizzes.

2) Were you questions originial or were they copied from the quizzes?

3) Were 30 questions completed?

4) Were the majority of questions have corresponding correct answers? Did the group figure out their own correct answers correctly?

5)Was there thought put into each of the questions? Were the questions challenging and complicated enough?

Lastly, I will give a grade to how well your group evaluated each other groups' work. For example you may not just rate each category in the evaluation on a scale of one to ten. You need to explain why you gave a particular rating.

It is your responsibility to work as a group. If you feel members of your group are not doing their fair share of work, you need to either motivate them to do the work or take on addtional responsibility yourself.
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