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Ithaca Middle School Algebra 1 instructor
Welcome to Mr. Doran's Algebra page.

I hope to keep students and parents informed as to what is happening in my algebra classes. As assignments, quizes, homework, and tests develop, please feel free to visit this site to find out what is going on in my class.

Week of Dec. 4 to Dec. 8


Monday:      Discuss problems for sec 3-7
                 Assign sec 3-8 & notes
                 Check planners
                 Projects are due

Tuesday:     Discuss problems for 3-8, 1-9
                 Assign remaining sec 3-8 problems
                 Give Lesson Master 3-5

Wednesday:   Give Lesson Master 3-6
                 Discuss sec 3-8 problems
                 Check sec 3-8 notes
                 Assign sec 3-9 notes & problems (reading)

Thursday:    Give Quiz 3-5 to 3-7
                 Discuss sec 3-9 problems covering reading
                 Assign remaining sec 3-9 problems

Friday:      Discuss sec 3-9 problems
                 Check sec 3-9 notes
                 Give Lesson Master 3-7
                 Assign problems sec 3-10 (reading)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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