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OHS Algebra 1: Part 1
Hello, All  My Students!
   I am hoping all of you can work as hard as I know you can! This course will go from easy to hard for you. See, at first it all is basically review, but as we go it will get harder at a nice steady rate. So, dont think this is going to be easy, because it isn't. This course will take actual work AND effort to pass! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this course as much as I did when I was your age.
Have Lots Of fun!
Ms. Perry

How It Works:

On all the activities I want you to email me when your done with them all, and tell me how long it took you to do each one, and I want you to tell me your own opinion on how you did each. This will effect your grade!
On the quizes I want you to email me afterward and tell my exactly how you did.


Any letter that is representing a unspecified number is called a variable.

An algebraic expression consists of one or more numbers and variables along with one or more mathmatic operation. Her are some examples:

              b + 4                 s/t - 1                  a * 4n                    8rs / 3k          

In a multiplication expression, the quantities being multiplied are called factors and the result is called the product.

In algebraic expressions, a raised dot(in our case *) or parentheses ar often used to indicate multiplication. When variables are used to represent factors, the multiplication sign is usually omitted. Here are 5 ways to represent the product of a and b .
            ab              a * b                a(b)                   a x b                (a)(b)

Fraction bars are used to indicate division.

To solve some verbal problems in mathmatics, you can create a algebraic expression or translating the words into mathmatical symbols. The chart below shows some of the words that are used to indicate mathmatical operations


Ex. 1 Write an algebraic expression for: the sum of a and b
a + b

Ex.2 Write an algebaic expression for: a number k divided by a number n
k / n

Ex.3 Write a verbal expression for 4x
the product of 4 and x, or 4 times x

Ex.4 Write a verbl expression for z - 6
6 less than z, etc.

In an expression like 10 cube, 10  is the base and 3 is the exponent. The exponent indicates the number of times the base is used as a factor.

         10 cube  means  10*10*10                    a square  means  a*a
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1-1 quiz on Variables and Expressions
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