algebra2 Mrs. Raftice
St. Peter's High School Math Teacher


3-2 PG. 111 # 1-6 ALL,9-13 ODD,21,23,29,31,33
3-3 PG. 118 # 1-17 ODD

Bonus questions:  If you answer these questions correctly and hand them in you will be awarded extra credit.

1. "Here lies Diophantus," the wonder behold . . .
Through art algebraic, the stone tells how old:
"God gave him his boyhood one-sixth of his life,
One twelfth more as youth while whiskers grew rife;
And then yet one-seventh more marriage begun;
In five years there came a bouncing new son.
Alas, the dear child of master and sage
After attaining half the measure of his fathers life
chill fate took him.
After consoling his fate by this science of numbers for four years, he ended his life."

2.  On Monday, the produce manager stocked the display case with eighty heads of lettuce. By the end of the day some of the lettuce had been sold. On Tuesday, the manager surveyed the display case and counted the number of heads of lettuce that were left. He decided to add an equal number of heads of lettuce. (He doubled the left overs.) By the end of the day he had sold the same number of heads of lettuce as on Monday.
On Wednesday, the manager decided to triple the number of heads of lettuce that had been left in the case. He sold the same number of heads of lettuce that day too. However, at the end of the day there were no heads of lettuce left.

How many were sold each day?
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