Algebra classes
Welcome to Mr. Duncan's algebra Quia practice page.  Click on the appropriate activity and play (I mean practice) away. 
My Quia activities and quizzes
Algebra properties
Chapter 1 activity - a simple review of the properties that we will need to know as we progress through the year
Dividing rational numbers
Chapter 2 activity - a good review game for working with division of rational numbers (variables included!)
Equations Jeopardy
Chapter 3 activity: a solid review game for working on solving various types of equations (one step, two step, variable on both sides, literal)
Direct and Inverse Variation
Chapter 4 activity - a good way to review a topic not so familiar to us (you can use a calculator for this one!)
Chapter 5 activity - a solid review to check your ability to recognize a function
Multiplying Monomials
Chapter 9 activity - a solid review game for multiplying monomials
Polynomial Jeopardy
Chapter 9 activity - a good comprehensive review game for operations with polynomials
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