algebrarules Ms. Burke
Canton High School High School Math Teacher


Friday, February 15th,2002


FYI- Thank you for the respect and cooperation you show in class. It helps to make OUR math classroom a pleasant one.See your class notes below.


Hello! I am trying to find time to explore more sites for everyone.I listed several good trig sites for Seniors and Juniors.Check below under your class.


Check some of the sites below. Even though I listed them from the Galvin, some will be helpful to you also.I will go through them and update when I get a chance.The "quia Directory" gives help in other subjects also.


Hints on quizzes, tests and homework will be given here!


E-MAIL ME FROM HERE! Go to top right above. I am set up to get my school e-mail at home. You can e-mail me, and I will respond either by e-mail, or in person in school.


AGA Pay attention in class- Even when you are not being called on! If you go to the "Quia Directory" below and double click, then go to "Mathematics" - try Games # 1, 5, 9, 10, 11 and 16. Let me know how you like them.


AGC We are almost finished with Chapter 9. Be sure you understand all homework problems before tests.Many of you are to be congratulated for hard work on all the sheets.Check some of the sites below. I will search for more geometry sites.


ALGEBRA 2 For some, study habits need improvement! Chapter tests require preparation on your part.Mistakes on quizzes should not re-occur on any chapter test.All topics covered this year are essential for next year's course. We are starting the next chapter-Radicals.p> 



Onward with the Trig. The identities were fun, and now we move to the more difficult trig equations and related word problems. These word problems will be challenging.You are truly a great class, and I am enjoying exploring the trig with you.


Go to the "Thinkquest" link listed below.We are skipping past Ch. 5 for now, as it was covered in Algebra 2 - exponents, logs , and "e". Moving right along with the trig.We will probably go back to Ch. 5 and Ch.6 I am very pleased with the work you are doing. Keep up with classwork.


I have started to find some other good Trig. sites and will list them below.Keep up with the daily information in this unit. We are going along cautiously so that you will understand the concept behind the trig.I hope you are enjoying it somewhat as much as I am!
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