algebratwo Ms. Gunter
North Stokes High School Algebra 2 Teacher
Hello and welcome to our page.  I hope that you will visit here often and check on homework assignments when you have been absent or when you have forgotten what you were suppose to do.   I will update this page everyday and if you have questions after checking here, please email me for help or clarification.

2/25  Today we are having a test on Chapter 3 and will begin 4.1.  This weekend you are to read 4.1, write down any new vocabulary and be ready to discuss matrices on Monday.  Have a good weekend and I will see you on Monday!

2/29  Sorry that I had to miss yesterday.  I was sick and had to leave school early.  Your assignment was to do p. 177-178 problems 1-27 odd and 36-37 in the big book and p. 22 1-18 in the workbook.  I hope that you didn't have trouble doing the problems.  If so please ask questions.  I will explain it all today in class.  We will also start the next section and be doing p. 23 in the workbook.  See ya, Ms G
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