aliciagordon nigger
ghetto jail bbk in yo face
Ah alicia!
i just wanted the world to know how ghetto royal vale really is! i hate our skewl so much, and im so happy its summer. for the oddest reason, i got the urge to herbal...i mean write a web site for cool is it! your on the net haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
hannah is 2...i made one for her.
any whoever else reads this. dont ever go to royal vale high skewl, its the worst! lots of stealing, and fights, and ugly ppl--lots of ugly ppl.

neways, i g2g study, or ill fail the year and tht means ill be in this skewl 4 an extra year.nnnooooooooooooo

ciao bella (shalom beautiful)
luv steph...the only other member of the bbk

ps, did u notice the colours i used? brown (paki) and blak (nigger)
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