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Hi! My name is Ashley.  I am a sixth grade student.  I play flute in our band.  My friends names are Casie, Nicole, Mandy, Amanda, Suzanne, Shannon, Tiffani, Ashley, Susie, Brandi, Sarah, Jessie, Jamie, Diamond, Alicia, Ashley, Danielle, Danielle, and many more. I could go on and on.  I myself have light brown hair and blue eyes.  I love,  music, movies, fashion, hair, clothes, shopping, ADIDAS, NIKE, Tommy Girl, Playing my insturment, friends espically, swimming and exercising. I know where some great places to shop are. I like: Old NAvy, GAP, Sears, Dillards, Hot Topic, Claires, Maurices, & the mall.  Well if you like my web sites PLEASE e-mail me!! Thanks Love Ya,

      ***~~~~~~~~     GIRL TALK!!!!!!     ~~~~~~~***

Hey Girls, Was sup? Nuthin much here except my very "THRILLING" life. Everyone of you girls that read this has to get a clue. Im not meaning that in a snobby sort of way.  I have some very popular friends and they have problems too.  So if any of you lose you boyfriend. Or even if anyone loses someone special.  I am here to talk to.  Just e-mail me with your prob. then send me your prob.  I may be abl e to help.
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