allensgeometry Miss Allen
Norman High School North Mathematics Teacher
Hello!  Thank you for being a great student.  I am so glad you are in our class.  This unit's assignments follow below.

Chapter 2

section 1/p. 35/1-5, 6-24  (Sketch pictures, show work!)

section 2/p. 39/1-16 (Sketch pictures, show work!)

worksheet (sections 1&2 and review)

section 3/p. 42/1-6, 8-14 (Sketch pictures, show work!)

section 4/p. 50/1-19 (Sketch pictures, show work!)

Review worksheet (sections 1-4 and review)

Test chapter 2

Assignments given in class will be due by the next class period.  Don't even think about asking for permission to turn it in late or after school. Be responsible!

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Chapter 2 quiz
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