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Any activity that begins with "pa" is a pre-algebra activity. Any activity that begins with "m" is a math 7 activity. Other activities will be named according to the topic they cover. Use the activities to help you study.   Let me know any other areas with which you are having trouble.  I will try to create activities to cover these topics. Mrs. Swanberg AMS Rippin' Raiders
My Quia activities and quizzes
Review your Properties
Pre-Algebra - Unit 1
PA: Review unit 1
Pre-Algebra - Unit 1: session pa - unit 1
PA: Type in pa - unit 1 to review unit 1
Math 7 - Quiz 1: session math 7 - 1
Type in math 7 - 1 to take a review quiz on unit 1.
Math 7 - Quiz 1
math7 - unit 3: session math 7 - unit 3
Review quiz on all material from units 1 to 3. 7th grade math students, click here on Thursday October 19th.
PA - SOL Review 6: session pa- sol review 6
Pre-Algebra students click on the words "click here" on Thursday, October 19th.
Integer Operations
Practice with Integers
Property Review
Concentration Game with properties
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