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Intermediate Class News

We are now in 5th PLACE (out of 65 schools in BC) in the RECYCLING CONTEST! 1st prize is $500.  Keep pitching in  those beverage containers.  Pop can money will go to the Primary Class, the prize to the Secondary Class and the rest of the refund $ to the Whole School.

The pump, pipe and fittings have arrived for the HABITAT GARDEN.  I hope to complete the garden using class time on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:15 - 4:00.  If you can help supervise, please let me know.

The next INTERMEDIATE PROJECT will be creating an ETHNOBOTANY FIELD GUIDE for the INTERPRETIVE TRAIL in partnership with the Klahoose Band.  Mrs. Stranan will help the class creat their own illustrations, experts in First Nation's uses of native plants will help the students write about their chosen plant.  Students have all ready started gathering information and their botanical drawings are looking great!

TOMATOES FROM the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION:  The Secondary Class is particpating in a science research project in partner with NASA and the University of Guelph.  They are growing tomato seeds from Earth and Space under controlled conditions to discover if space travel affects germination rates and growth.  Look forward to our sale of TOMATO PLANTS FROM SPACE! 4/11  The resuts are in!  See class BB for some great lab reports!
*Our school is going for the GREEN
Look at our progress on the chart in the library!

*********************Junior Secondary*******************

Our NEW class units are about  botany.

Class Topics
Group 1& 2
Structure and function of vascular and non-vascular plants
Group 2
Hydroponic Cultivation of Plants - Comparison of traditional methods of cultivation with hydroponically grown plants
- How does the lack of calcium and iron affect plant growth?

   The class has developed four plans to reduce our community Ecological Footprint.
*Water: Bekah, Jake, Reo, Genoa, Evan and Joe
The plan is to promote the use of water saving shower heads.
*Garbage: Henri, Noah, Jeremiah, Fabien, Miles, and Adam N.
The plan is to promote reduction of plastic & paper bag use by making and selling cloth shopping bags.
*Energy:  Sascha, Brian, Devon, Dan
The plan is to promote the reduction of night time lighting.
*Food: Paul, Alex, Veronique, Sarah
The plan is to promote eating food that is NEAR & NAKED

The web site for this class project will be accessible after Easter break.  It will have many usefull links to sites concerning our impact on our Earth.

Group 1   Miles, Jeremiah, Reo, Dan, Joe, Brian, Bowen, Devon, Sarah, Evan, Jake

Group 2   Fabien, Henri, Noah, Veronique, Alex, Paul, Sascha, Genoa, Santana, Bekah


Week of May 14th
Group 1 &2
Questions 1-4 page pg 205 - Asexual Reproduction
Questions 11 - 17 pg 103 - Plant Kingdom II

Last Week's
Tomatosphere Lab Report

Four Ways Plants Reproduce

4 Questions on Photosynthesis (Thursday 3 format)

Hydroponic Research Data - Start Lab Report
As of 5/8
Jake, Devon, Joe, Noah,Miles, Veronique, , Alex,Henri, Jeremiah, Reo, Dan, Brian, Bowen, Sascha, Evan, Genoa, Fabien

I am now available for specially arranged tutorials after school on Tuesdays.

                     THE QUADRUPLE "T"


            *********Thursday Three**********
May 17th
1.  How do carniverous plants attract and catch their prey?2.  Do carniverous plants still need to produce food by photosynthesis?
3.  Carniverous plants usually live in soil that is lacking in _________.


    I have now finished setting up the student files in the computer lab for the technology componet of the Math curriculum.  All students will be visiting the lab at least once a week.  Students who are early finishers of class assignments have been given time in the lab for games of "Math Blasters".

**** Remember to go to some of the math links on this page to get extra practise for the math Mastery tests.

Our new French Unit is Dans la foret.  We are combining this unit with the Science Unit.
MATH - Geometry

              Visit our CONCESSION
                Le Petit Magasin  
Our concession is officially closed.  Thank you for your support!- We've raised over $550!.

*********Remember to study your daily spelling word and math fact!!!!!!

    Sky Watchers is still happening. Adam N. & Saphy  are our weather reporters this month.    Be sure to visit the class weather station when you are at the school. Tune into BCTV evening news to get our school weather.  


MUSIC visit

We are studying about the music of Japan.  The class is learning to play SAKURA on the ukuleles

No experience neccessary - use your instrument or the schools or your child's

We are Meeting Regularly TUESDAY Evenings- 7:30 - Portable  Lot's of FUN!!  Come by and try an instrument

Songs for the Spring:"Springtime Is Here",  "Spring Song",
"Springtime Has Come" (Haru Ga Kita), a Japanese folk song,

Intermediate - Ukulele Orchestra
Japanese Folk Music - "Sakura" (Cherry Blossoms)
"Rockin' Robin"

Eclectic Orchestra
2 violins
soprano recorder
bass recorder
alto sax
5 guitars
bass viol

Music we are learning: 12 Bar Blues, Vivaldi's "Spring",
"Ode to Joy", , "O Canada"

Tech. Class Assignment:  A Teen's Personal Guide to Music on the Web  Complete assignment due this Thursday - May 10th - end of class.
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