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Together Kindergarten K5 teacher AM
This is a webpage for all the children of the world that like school. Yes, if you like school you should ask your teacher for more homework. Here is the story of a girl who really liked school and what ended up happening to her.

    Anna Lakes was the only girl in her class who complained that her teacher simply did not give her enough homework. She acted like this until she got to college. She was pretty occupied in the beginning, but when she grew older she became bored. So, when she got out of college and into the world she became a hard worker. An inventor. She has not been bored since. Ann a is in the process of making one software that will give you the answers to whatever you ask it. See, you can go far if you like homework.

    Thank you all for reading this story. If you like this page, ask your teacher to set one up for you! Happy surfing!!!!!
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