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Common Name: Rose

Family: Apiacea or rosecea

Genus and Species: Representive

Family Charateristics:The rose has 24 diffrent families,has medium size family, herb, dicot,often grown for fruit

Identifing traits of the species: all have thorns, very short life span, all collected for fruit

Type of habitat:Sunny, slight shade, water regularly

Average Plant Size: Ranging from 3inches to 1 meter

Type of flower and Fruit: related fruit are cherries, almonds, plums,and peaches. 

Season in which this plant flowers: some flowers bloom in May - September

Special Importance to man/animals:  flower arangements and  rose oils, rose fragrences

FACTS...   200,000,000 rose petals are used to make 32oz. of Rose oil, Rose seeds need to be collected before rose dispersal time, The rose is an herb,

Biliography:  Dictionary of Nature, Encyclopedia 98, The Complete Book of Herbs, First Field Guide, Groilier Online,

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