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Bonjour mes amis! Voici un collection de vocabulaire pour l'examen. J'espere ce page assitez-vous! Au revoir!

Exam is on June 7th, 1999. TOMORROW!! AHHH! We'll do fine.

Riverside is June 7th! Yay!

School ends June 10th! Yippie! Summer!

If any of you could make review games for my page, PLEASE DO SO! If you have my password and name, log in as me and make games! If you don't, ask someone! If your games are useful and well done, I will post them on my page. But hurry! Your classmates need these excercices  TODAY! Thanks a million!!

XOXO, Amanda

Thanks and hugs and kisses to Lee who made the VANDERTRAMP games!! You should all be ashamed you didn't make any...

I made a Chapter 9 verb quiz using prendre, apprendre, and comprendre. Please make others for the other chapters!

I'm so excited that the person ticker is up high! I am upset though that Lee was the only person that made something! We would all benefit from games or quizzes you make for the page. It doesn't take that much time, and it actually helps YOU to study too! So please make an effort, and help you and your classmates!!
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passe compose avec etre ou avoir
(Made by Lee for Amanda's page!)
Verb Quiz Chapter 9
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