ambermanss Mr. Amberman
Susquehannock High School World Cultures and American History II
Week of October 23

World Cultures
Pd. 2,3, & 6
Monday:Take Religion Exam
       Receive first map of the Middle East

Pd. 7 & 8
Monday:Finish watching debate and work on first Middle Eastern Map.

All Classes
Tuesday:Go over Political Map and work on Physical in class.

Wednesday: Go over Physical Map and start discussing section 1 about general geographic features of the  region.

Thursday: Complete section 1's discussion of geographic features of the region.

American History II

Monday: Work on Assigned review assignment Pg. 311 1,2,3,4,6,7,8

Tuesday: Review assignment, review for test, watch WWI video

Wednesday: Chapter 13 Exam

Thursday: Debate or Young Indiana Jones WWI
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