amhist1ch2 Mrs. Johnson
Minersville Area High School  
Our History Text is John Garraty's The Story of America, Volume 1: Beginnings to 1877.

    Our current assignment is chapter 2, pp.40-71, an Introduction to the English Colonies in America. We Will be examining: 1, Why Colonists Came to America; 2, The Settlement of Virginia; 3, the Settlement of Massachusetts,
4, "A City Upon A Hill" [the Puritan vision of an ideal community]; 5, Other European Colonies in North America and 6, Later Colonial Settlements.

     Your chapter outline provides a succinct overview of the chapter. Use it as a Study Guide & to help with your assignments.  Be aware: you still need to use your textbook when and as advised. Do not rely solely on your outline.

     I will be adding activities here to help you master this material and study for quizzes and tests.  Stay current. Try not to fall behind.
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