amhistory Mrs. Britt
Durant Middle School 8th Grade American History Teacher
Hello, Favorite People.

By now you know that I'm not in our classroom at DMS anymore.  I started a new job at Southeastern with GEAR UP.  Remember the trip to SOSU last spring when you got the tee-shirt?  Well, I'm working with another part of that program to help people your age build the skills necessary to get accepted into college, to get financial aid (and maybe go tuition free), and to be successful at the college level.  While I'm not in front of my own classes of eighth graders, I'll be in schools around southeastern Oklahoma working with teachers and students.

I'll miss the day-to-day relationships with students, but this is a wonderful opportunity for me and, I hope, for the schools, students, and teachers with whom I'll be working.  I'm not going to close out this page.  Who knows?  You might want to play Hangman!

Take care and stay in touch.  Please do your best this year and in years to come.  It really DOES matter!

Mrs. B.
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