amhistory1 Mrs. Johnson
Minersville Area High School  
Welcome to American History One on the Web.
    You will be able to check here for special assignments and current [and not so current] messages.

     Use the sample quiz and games to review for our first unit on America's Beginnings.
    I am providing you with four links to help you with your indian project. I believe you will find them helpful.
    Happy Hunting!  May the Great Spirit of the White Buffalo guide you in your quest.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Match The Explorers
The Exploits of Early European Explorers
Do You Know Your Explorers 1
Play a game of Hangman with your favorite explorers
N.A.: PreHistory through Age of Discovery
When did that happen?
The Age of Discovery
Review of Chapter 1: Ages of Discovery & Exploration
Useful links
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