amhistory105 Mrs. McKinney
Nebraska City High School resource instructor
The next Unit will deal with the Westward Expansion and Era of Good Feeling.  There are on-line activities and notes from your text book.

Monday  March 20 

No School

Tuesday  March 21

Notes over chapter 10

Wednesday March 22

Complete the Era of Good Feeling web track

Thursday  March 23
Complete the Era of Good Feeling web track
Begin Westward Expansion  web track
Complete the Erie Canal web track

Friday March 24

Complete the Hangman activitity

Monday March 27

Review Ch10 and Complete Game Board Activity

Tuesday March 28

Take Ch 10 quiz
My Quia activities and quizzes
Westward Expansion/Era of Good Feeling
key words for chapter 10
Westward Expansion Era of Good Feeling Review
chapter 10 review
Useful links
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