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Amit Renanim English Teacher

Welcome to our Class Page:.

Here you will be able to check for updates on assignments.

On 30 Tishri - 17.10.01, We have a scheduled test. It will include:

  1. An unseen passage. Remember to bring a dictionary!
  2. Questions on the poem, "Walking Away" and on the passage, "Just Plain Fun" from "Challenges".

  • You are expected to read 3 books over the year. You will do a book task on each book. The first book task will be assigned in Cheshvan (October), the second in Kislev, and the third in Adar. One of the first 2 books must be "To Kill a Mockingbird".
  • Each student will write a dialogue journal. The minimal requirement is twice a month. You will find a link to the assessment rubric on the 10th grade home page. Please remember to buy "Challenges" (the book only - not the workbook) and the green EMT literature book. By Sunday, 14th Elul (September 9th), you will be expected to have your books in class.

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