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Avon Middle School 7th Grade Twisters homework poster
Friday December 8 2000
For Twister team in math we did p 311 15-25.
In science we handed in our skills lab page and worked on review packet. In language we read part of The Christmas Hunt and did vocab practice on page 361 or near there. In social studies we received a worksheet of Canada that we needed to color and label provinces and cities. In gym we had intermurals
Monday December 11 2000
In science we did a jeopardy review game. In social studies w did ch.5 critical thinking worksheet. In language we finished christmas hunt on our own and graded the vocab practice. In math we got a review worksheet and reviewed lessons and talked about the final.In gym we continued our tumbling tests.
Tuesday December 12 2000
In math we had a test and a worksheet. In science we graded he review packet. In social studies we did chapter 5 lesson 1 chart. in language we went to book fair, took ar tests and renewed and checked out books. In gym we had a bumping test.
Wednesday December 13 2000
In science we did a test and got a review sheet of terms on the final.In social studies we received a semester one final study guide. In language we did a test over the vocab list you got the other day. In gym we had a tumbling test.
Thursday December 14 2000
Today in science we worked on a review vocab worksheet.In math we got our tests back, graded the worksheet, and went to the board to practice division of decimal.In gym we had the volley ball written test and finished out tumbling test.In social studies we cont'd working on our semester one final study guide. In language we received a study guide, and we were passed back our comprehension quiz and packet over "the christmas hunt"
Monday December 18 2000
There was no homework in classes for twisters and today we had finals in 5th and 6th hour classes.
Tuesday December 19 2000
No homework.
Finals in 1,3,and 7th hour classes.
Wednesday December 20 2000
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