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Schedule for this week:

Monday, November 12, 2010,
Take scapula quiz. Discuss the pelvis and rest of lower body


Tuesday, November 13, 20010
Veteran's Program


Wednesday, November 14, 2010
Take humerus quiz and finish study guides in the class

Study for pelvis quiz and study guide should be ready to grade at beginning of class

Thursday, November 15, 2010
Grade study guide. Take pelvic quiz. Read and outline pg.166 starting with joints to pg. 168


Friday, November 16, 2010
Hand in outlines. Review for test 5.2 over skeletal bones
Study for test 5.2

My Quia activities and quizzes
Chapter 1- Organization of the Body
Chapter 2- Basic Chemistry of the Body
Chapter 3.1: Cells
Chapter 3.2: Tissues
Chapter 4: Skin
Chapter 5.1 Skeletal Tissue
Chapter 5.2 Anatomy of Skeletal System
Chapter 5.3 Joints
Chapter 6.1 Physiology of Muscles
Chapter 6.2 Anatomy of Muscles
Chapter 10: Blood
Chapter 11.1 Anatomy of the Heart
Chapter 11.2: Physiology of the Heart
Chapter 12- Immunity
Chapter 13- The Respiratory System
Chapter 26- Nutrition
Chapter 16.1: The Male Reproductive System
Chapter 16.2 The Female Reproductive System
Chapter 33- Genetics
anatomy key vocabulary
anatomy weekly vocab words
These are the vocab words that are eligible for this week's quiz
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