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Lesson 1
This lesson will give the students an understanding of the Greek Civilization by starting with the Minoans
-Developed on the Mediterranean island of Crete about 2800 B.C.
-The Minoans were farmers, but most turned to trade for a living.
-They were very fond of sports, especially bull leaping
-The Minoans depended on the sea and their ships for protection; their cities were not walled.
-They worship many Gods most importantly the Great Goddess, Mother Earth.
-the control of the Mediterranean passed to the Myceneans, who came to Greece from southern Russia.

The students will read the text on this group of the Greek culture and take their own notes about the important facts found under each heading. Then the students will work on preparing their own study guide based on the notes that they wrote. This study guide will be processed on Microsoft Word.

Lesson 2
The students will continue to learn about the Greek civilization through the rule of the Mycenaeans.
-They built fortress-palaces on hilltops.
-They learned many things from the Minoans, including a writing script and skills of shipbuilding and navigation.
-Fought a lengthy war against Troy.
-Resulted in two long poems composed by the Greek poet Homer.
-After years of a civil war, the Mycenaeans were conquered by the Dorians.
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