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Students will work on creating their own Mock Olympics. They will decide which event they would like to replicate. Each group of three will research on the Internet about sports used now in the current Olympics and decide on the one that can most appropriately fits the needs and limitations of the class.

They will then create an accurate, proportioned drawn model of their area for their chosen event, using ratios, proportions and fractions knowledge. The following day, half of the students will go outside and lay out the full-scale model of their blueprint and facilitate their games, with the other half of the class participating in the events. The following day, the groups switch, with the previously supervising group competing and the previously competing group organizing. Each team will be responsible for accurate measurements of time and/or length of the performances of the competitors.

The next class sessions, students will go to the computer lab and organize their data onto data analysis spreadsheets. Students will be responsible for creating postings of all results, team averages, and graphs of individual performances.

Students will create an award system using the product of the creative arts lesson included in this unit.
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