Academy of the New Church Latin Instructor
Welcome to my Latin website for the Academy of the New Church.  I teach Latin 1 to freshmen and Latin 2 to sophomores and Advanced Latin to juniors and seniors using the Ecce Romani textbook.  Below you will find links to the class pages and adjunct pages for both of these classes.

Class pages contain non-graded learning activities for each chapter based on vocabulary and syntax from the textbook.

Vocabulary pages contain non-graded learning activities for chapter-by-chapter vocabulary acquisition.  This page is not yet up for Latin 2.

Review With Magistra are non-graded review activities for the textbook reviews.

Quiz Sessions pages are graded activities and quizzes assigned to my students for homework.  Each activity or quiz requires login.  Results are sent to me.  The quizzes on these pages are open only to my students; that is the way Quia is set up.

All my activities are open to use by other teachers without my permission.  I welcome feedback of any kind.

The few activities at the bottom of this page are for demonstration purposes within the institution.  They will not be applicable--or understandable!--to any other school.

Gail Cooper
Latin Queen

My Quia activities and quizzes
Review 1-7 Vocab Hangman Nominative
Review 1-7 Vocab Verb Jumble
Review 1-7 Vocab Match: adverbs and conjunctions
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