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Sandy Run Middle School  
Here are some of the pieces that I have written:

The Green Disc
By Andrew Bors

In the New Mexico desert, far from any signs of civilization, a disc-like object, surrounded by a green aura of light, flashed across the starry, night sky.  It sped across the void, and abruptly stopped, disappearing back into the darkness.

Part 1

Mark Smith, an 8-year old boy, was vacationing in Arizona with his family.  As he walked across the desert, he noticed a strange piece of something protruding out of the sand.  He reached down and picked it up with his right hand."
"Hey, Mom, Dad, look at what I found," he called
"Put that down, child," replied his father.
"But Dad...," Mark tried to protest.
"No buts," came the stern reply.  Glumly Mark set the object down. "Now lets go, we don't want to miss the flight home."  Even as he walked back to the rental car, Mark knew that object was something strange.

That same night, James Wilson stood in the Alaskan wilderness, staring into the upper reaches of the sky.  As he looked, a green beam of light shot across the sky. 
"Whoa," mused James, "What the heck was that?"

It was Saturday morning at the Smith household.  Jeff, Mark's father, was reading the paper.  The front page article that he was looking at read "Man Claims He Saw a UFO!" 
"Well, look at that," said Jeff out loud. 
"Hmmm…?" said is wife. 
"Guy by the name of James Wilson says he saw a UFO!" 
"Oh," said his wife, only half listening.
"It's all junk of course."
"I'll go wake up Mark," said his wife.
Little did they know, Mark was listening intently from his hiding spot on the upper landing.

In Washington D.C., James Wilson was answering reporters' questions at a press conference.
"What did you see?"
"A green light."
"What does this all mean?
"Don't know, could be anything."
"Was it aliens?"
With that, Wilson stood up and stomped out of the room!

In her California home, 35 year old astronomer, Jen Miller, was watching the report on television.  She seemed uninterested, but deep inside she knew this might mean something.

Part 2
10 years later

Mark Smith was adjusting to college life well.  He walked across the lawn to his favorite class, astronomy.  Professor McHenry was there as usual, but standing next to him was a middle-aged woman.  After the class had settled down,  the professor explained that this woman, Jen Miller, was an astronomer and she would be given a talk.  The lecture was pretty interesting, about planets, stars, and the like.  The class ended, and the students filed out of the room.  But Mark had been interested in the talk.  He stayed behind, asking the professor questions.  "You know," said Miller, "I don't have any more time, but you can come to my house.  It's only an hour away."

Mark and Jen were sitting in the astronomer's living room discussing life.  They talked about college, about home, and about life in general.  Soon they got to the subject of space, of course.  Mark was just about to ask a question, but an odd gleam came over the woman's face. 
"Do you remember that green……light, about…10 years ago?"
"What green lig…..," Mark's voice trailed off as a hint of recognition crossed his face.  "You mean that one in New Mexico?"
"What do ya think it was?" questioned Jen.
"I don't know," muttered Mark, as he studied a small scar on his right hand. "WAIT A SECOND," Mark almost fell out of his chair.  "I remember when I was about 8, in New Mexico, I saw a piece of….."
"Of what?"
"I thought it was metal, but I wasn't sure.  What do you think it was?"
Instead of answering, the astronomer sat back with a thoughtful look on her face.  Then a light bulb went off in her head.
"Mark, this is very important.  Get permission to stay with me for oh…a week.  I have a theory on what this all means!"

It was a few days later, and Mark and Jen were sitting in their motel room.  The motel was in the middle of New Mexico, in a small town called Anazi.  Jen sat on the bed, while Mark knelt on the floor.
"Here's the plan," said Jen, "We sneak out every night at say…eleven, and see what happens.  If my theory is correct, we will be seeing some very strange things this week."

It was 11:06 P:M that night.  Mark and Jen knelt a couple hundred yards from the road where their car was parked.  They were hidden behind a large rock.  Suddenly, out of the gloom, something seemed to move. 
"What was that?" whispered Mark.
"Quiet, boy," cautioned Jen.
The two friends sat in silence for a long while.  Nothing else happened. 

For the next few nights, the friends observed that same spot every time.  For a while, nothing happened, and Mark began to wonder if they were crazy.  Of course nothing would happen.  It was only a dumb idea any way, and he shouldn't have gotten stuck in it.  Then one starry night, as he and Jen watched the desert landscape, something moved.  Then, something else.  Finally, it stopped.  Excited, Mark scrambled down from behind the rock.  Jen tried to yank him back, but he wouldn't turn around.  She shrugged and followed the boy into the night.  She followed the boy to a small indentation in the ground.  Though she didn't know it, Mark knew he had found the piece of debris he had come across 10 years earlier.  He dug and dug and then he struck something hard, with a loud CLANG!  As Mark and Jen stared, the outline of a door seemed to appear in the dirt.  Just then, a grinding sound was heard and to the friends' horror and surprise the door began to move!  And Mark's scar was burning with pain

Mark stared, frozen.  Was this all a dream?  The door continued to move.  Then, it all stopped.  The door had moved and now stood ajar, or at least it looked like it was ajar.  Inside was all blackness.  Suddenly, a green…thing appeared out of the door, or whatever it was.  Mark nearly fainted.  "Xeedbyufgufybuiebug," came a sound, probably from the green thing.  Jen yanked at him.
"Let's go!"
But Mark couldn't move.  "Can't mo-o-v-v-e," he groaned, holding his right hand. 
Then it all went black!

When he awoke

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