angelspage Prof. G
  English Instructor specializing in ESL
Hi! I am an English composition teacher, and I really enjoy teaching writing of all kinds. The main reason that we write is to communicate a message to our audience (readers) clearly. So I would like to help you to become a more effective writer.

In teaching you to write effectively, we will be doing various activities and games to stretch your thinking and limber up those creative thinking muscles. Okay, let's begin.

First, I want you to write a letter to a friend telling him/her about the great party you went to last week. This letter does not have to be long, but you can make it as long as like. Now I want you to write a second letter to your parents telling them about this party that you went to last week.

You see, this is an example of how our writing is influenced by who our audience is. I am sure that letter to your parents regarding this party was nothing like the letter that you wrote your friend!

I'm also available to help you in whatever way that I can with whatever writing you are doing now. If you have any questions just write me by e-mail. My e-mail address is:
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