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Sand Creek Intermediate School
***This month I have a new animal and it will be the animal of the month for April too. This month it will be the dog. Just so that I can get on track. Now the update on Kira. Kira is doing wonderful. I'm really glad that I support her. I sent in the slip for Frosty a while ago so I should be getting her newsletter and color picture soon. I got my dolpin in the end of February and his name is Acrobatis but everybody calls him acrobat. He is a Pacific white-sided dolphin. I haven't gotten the kit to sponsor the wolf or eagle yet, but I am saving up. One of my favorite animals is the horse and I have wanted one forever. Well I might get a pony (horses are to big for me right now) in October.
Oh yah I had to give away my cats but I know they will go to a good home if they're not already, but I did get to get a new hamster. ( I still have my old one) My hamster's names are Daisy (older one)and Lily (the younger one) My hamsters are both female short hair. My dogs names are Misty and Lucky. Misty is a flat coated retriver and she is black. Lucky is a golden retriver and of course he is golden. Well I guess that is all. No actually I would like to recognize a few people who are- JULIE LUX, TAYLOR SCHUETH, HEATHER STEINBROOK, AND LAUREN KINGRY.
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