annscarborough Ms. Scarborough
C M Eppes Middle School 8th grade physical science and math teacher
  I want to take time and freshen up my website and update the assignments and requirements this nine weeks.  We have four weeks left in the marking period and I hope all end up on a high note. 
One reminder:  the Physical Science EOC test will count 25% of the whole year.  The student's grade will be factored into the final average counting 1/4 of the year's average.  Any student who feels he/she needs extra help, please come in either in the morning or afternoon for tutoring.  I am hoping to finish covering the content material by the end of April so we can start reviewing for the upcoming test (May 23). 

Listed below are the assignments and test dates for the upcoming chapters.  Please bear in mind that these can change.  I will announce any changes and record them on the board in the classroom. 

              (this list was given out in class)   

Ch 5 Voc.   February 21
Ch 5 SWUQ   February 22
Ch 7 Voc.   February 25
Ch 7 SWUQ   February 26
Ch 5/7 Test March 1
Ch 21 Voc.  March 4
Ch 21 SWUQ  March 5
Ch 22 Voc.  March 8
Ch 22 SWUQ  March 13
Ch 21/22 Test March 15
Ch 18 Voc.  March 20
Ch 18 SWUQ  March 25
Ch 18 Test  March 29
Ch 19 Voc.  April 8
Ch 19 SWUQ  April 11
Ch 19 CR    April 15
Ch 20 Voc.  April 16
Ch 20 SWUQ  April 19
Ch 20 CR    April 22
Ch 19/20 Test April 24
April 25 to May 22  REVIEW for EOC!!!   
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